It’s just a thought!

It’s just a thought!

It occurred to me I’ve not written a blog in ages so I thought I better put pen to paper (so to speak)! Then the problem of what to write about??? Luckily for a change I’ve had an interesting time of it!! So where to start????

I visited the GP a few weeks ago to ask her about stopping my antidepressants and we agreed over a few week period to drop the dose until an eventual stop. I now have been off them for about a fortnight and feeling ok. I’m really proud of myself!!

In around a week my open uni degree starts which I’m really excited about. I really needed this for a few reasons, to give me a sense of purpose, to give me something to fill my time and to keep my brain functioning!! I think this will be really good for my life in many ways and the subject is something I will enjoy learning about so it’s a bonus!!! I also want my daughter to be able to be proud of me and be able to talk about me with pride if someone asks about her mum. Now she can say “my mum is doing an honours degree in sociology and has written a book”. Before I sat in a chair ill and sore all day!!!

I’m now writing book number 2!!! I’ve had many people come forward and say why have you not written a book about Chiari with all your experience?? So what am I doing now??? I think I’m mad!! I’ve currently written a few chapters so it’s started and that’s the hard part getting it started. I’m actually excited to see how it will look and hope it helps to spread awareness about the condition.

Finally I was at a course this week called “steps”. It’s a course to help self confidence, self talk, motivation, goal setting and much more. I found it eye opening and really useful. I wish every person suffering from depression could go on this course because I think they could really benefit from it.

They teach you about who you should listen too, who’s truth is actually the “truth” , and that a thought is just a thought!! I think the last is so important when you’re suffering from depression!! Bad thoughts come into my head all the time and bring me down and now I tell myself it’s not real, it’s just a thought! It works! The course was invaluable!! I feel much more confident and happy in myself!

I hope everyone is doing ok and remember I’m here if you ever need an ear 💜

Remember when you’re feeling low it is just a thought!!

Join me on chiari support 💜💜💜

Love karen x x x


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