Don’t look for problems! We have enough already!

I've not written a blog in a while but due to running a Facebook page and being an admin for another I speak to many people and there was a theme that was forming when speaking to members. I've found that many members are trying to find problems in situations before they've happened or generally just focusing on the negatives of their situations.

I felt that passionately about this I had to put my thoughts down in a blog! People closer to me know that I have been suffering with severe depression so I have been practising different ways to feel better. However common sense would tell you, what good is going come from imaging problems that might never happen? You're just going to make yourself ill and everyone round about you miserable.

Using my condition as an example, chiari malformation I have had conversations were people say that their life will never be the same and they are miserable.
I have had 15 plus brain operations, been in a coma for 8 days and been left disabled and I would say my life is better than it was before. Sometimes I think people want to be miserable. There is positives in every situation, it's just a matter of finding them and making the most of your new situation.

I think if you think positive good things will happen and you can make things happen! I am the perfect example of that!

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Lots of love

Karen x x x


Spica Warrior

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened the box! This shiny white book with my name on it looking back at me. It didn’t seem quite real ???

I have written Spica Warrior due to my Daughter having bilateral hip dysplasia as a child and undergoing 5 huge operations and 18 months in a cast. I wanted to use my experience to help other families and make sure no more kiddies were scared when they heard the word “surgery” again!

I’m so so pleased with how the book turned out. I was so worried that I couldn’t get what was in my head to paper but it all went to plan. Lauren’s surgeon even wrote the foreword. 
We started a Facebook for the book ” Spica Warrior by Karen Kerr” and started selling the book on Etsy. I can’t believe how popular the book has been and the reviews have been lovely. It’s great to know that the book is useful and people are loving it!! 
I’m so proud of what I’ve achieved and I’m so glad I’m helping all these families and these wee kiddies. The more families we can reach the better so keep spreading the word!!!
Lots of love karen x x x